Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Prize winning Essay .!! In a competition by Kerala Circle


India, the cradle of human race,
                   The birthplace of human speech
                             The mother of history 
                                      The grand mother of legend
                              And the great grand mother of tradition.           
Mark Twain

India, the great nation is on the path of progress. The nation with rich and varied heritage, a land of spirituality a land of high moral values a cradle for many civilizations is progressing. After 6 decades of Independence, the independent India continues to make tireless efforts to stand among all the developing counties of the world..It has resolved to make tremendous development in all the spheres.

        Telecommunication is the  first and foremost requisite of a developing society.  It is the foundation on which the pillars of prosperity of a nation are built upon.  The socio economic development largely depends of the ability to communicate in an effective manner.

Telecommunication products have become essential tools in education, employment and recreation. The telecom sector has brought the world to one’s  palm, shrinking the globe to a small village. It is hard to imagine a life without mobile phones, internet even in villages.

In the global scenario too, the knowledge based society needs Telecommunication as a basic element for the accelerated overall growth. The global transformation on information technology takes deep root with Telecommunications.

        The mantra of  LPG, Liberaliasation, Privitisation, Globalisation   paved its way for  the  unprecedented growth of Telecom sector in India. The last decade is is marked for the significant progress of telecom.

     The Telecom Policy 1999 has been a catalyst for growth of the telecom sector. Today, India is one of the fastest growing telecom markets in the world. The unimaginable increase in teledensity and sharp decline in tariffs in the Indian telecom sector have contributed significantly to the country’s economic growth

      As we look back, telecommunication with its humble beginnings in 1851  till today Indian Telecom has crossed many milestones.  The history of the Nation for the last 160 years is very much linked with the history of telecom .It   has grown by leaps and bounds indeed !

       The Department of Posts and Telegraphs, which occupied a small corner of Public works department started its journey .The long journey from P and T Department to Department of Telecommunications and then to BSNL has witnessed many transformations in terms of technology and system. The monopoly continued with a steadfast growth.

        BSNL the one and only Telecom service provider   of the Nation emerged as a PSU in 2000 . The regime of telecom ruled by BSNL had to be shared by private operators on account of telecom policy.  But, BSNL, the pioneer and the leader continues to extend its services   to   bring communication, within the reach  of every citizen of the Republic of India heralding the Mission: “ No Indian stays Unconnected.”

 As the curtain unveiled, many operators stepped in. The major players are Bharathi, Vodafone, Tata, Idea, Aircel across the country.

        According to TRAI report , the total wireless subscriber base has reached  934.09 million at the end of June 2012   .     Private operators hold 88.88% of the wireless market share   where as BSNL and MTNL, the two PSU operators hold only 11.12% market share.

     On the other hand wire line subscriber base declined from 31.53 million to 31.43 million at the end of June 2012. BSNL and MTNL, the two PSU operators hold 80.07% of the Wireline market share, BSNL alone has a lion’s share of 69.8%

The Total Broadband subscriber base has increased from 14.31 million at the end of May 2012 to 14.50 million at the end of June 2012, TheTop five ISPs in terms of market share  are: BSNL 9.24 million, Bharti Airtel 1.37 million, MTNL 1.06 million, You Broadband 0.63 million and Hatchway 0.36 million.

  A quick review of the report denotes that the number of telephone subscribers in India is 965.52 million with overall teledensity 79.58% with subscription in urban area as 621.76 million. The rural subscription is 343.76 million. A giant leap indeed.!

    It can be inferred from TRAI report that BSNL continues to enjoy  the monopoly under land line segment.. The encouraging trend in the increasing number of broadband connections is note worthy.

   The New Telecom policy 2012 reflects upon the requirements needed for the country. With the vision of “To provide secure, reliable, affordable and high quality converged telecommunication services anytime, anywhere for an accelerated inclusive socio-economic development. “

Who else can fulfill the dream except BSNl which offer all Telecom solutions at an affordable cost?
        The objectives of the New Telecom Policy 2012 can be summarized as under :

1.      Increase rural tele density from the current level of around 39 to 70 by the year 2017 and 100 by the year 2020.
2.    Provide affordable and reliable broadband-on-demand by the year 2015 and to achieve 175 million broadband connections by the year 2017 and 600 million by the year 2020
3.    Provide high speed and high quality broadband access to all village panchayats through a combination of technologies by the year 2014 and progressively to all villages by 2020.
4.    Enable citizens to participate in and contribute to e-governance in key sectors like health, education, skill development, employment, governance, banking etc. to ensure equitable and inclusive growth.
The expectations of the Policy could be achieved BSNL.  BSNL with its legacy, 160 years of experience in the field of Telecom, trained pool of manpower, in depth knowledge of telecom system and technical expertise can address the issues of Telecom policy and help to transform the lives of the people of this great Nation.
        It is to be noted that Telecom growth is slower in rural area than in urban areas.  The ability of poorer sections of this society in rural area to benefit from technological development needs to be enhanced.  The common service centers aims at providing all telecom facilities to rural India and empower the people to rise up, using technology.

        In this regard BSNL never hesitates to reach out.  With USO (Universal Social Obligation) found as an encouraging factor, rural telephony is taken care of.  The USO BTS sites are well cared to provide seamless coverage to rural area, which, the other operators do not focus on !

        Leveraging telecom infra structure to enable all citizens to use internet and web economy, thereby enhancing India’s competitiveness in all spheres of economy is the need of the hour.  It is also essential that e-governance and m-governance in key sections of health, education, agriculture are made available throughout the country.

        BSNL, the ‘top-one’ Internet service provider is well equipped with infra structure to meet this present demand and resolved to provide broadband connectivity to individuals, banks, police, agriculture, organizations.  The Enterprise Business Unit makes tireless efforts to provide broadband connectivity to such organizations.  VPNOBB is an excellent solution to many organizations which work together using web in an efficient manner.  With appropriate and affordable tariff packages that suit every pocket, BSNL provide broadband solution, thereby transforming the society to a large extent!

        Telecommunication is no longer limited to voice .  The evolution from analog to digital technology facilitated the conversion of data, voice and video to the digital form.  It is imperative to move convergence between telecom, broadcast and IT services.  It is also necessary to overcome the hurdles posed in this regard.  ‘Multiple services at affordable cost’ is the requirement of the present age.  The ‘ New         generation switch’ designed as IP based will cater for the needs of new generations expectations.

                The ‘tariff war’ among the mobile operators by reducing the call charges poses a negative impact of BSNL mobile growth.  BSNL, which had entered the mobile services has a customer base unaffected by the alluring advertisements of other operators.  The mobile number portability has opened the gates to all mobile users to enter in to the portals of BSNL, with ease.

        In the mobile front, BSNL has a long way to achieve.  It is necessary to popularize the value added services available in mobile telephone among the staff and then to the customers.  The location bases services like Resource Track Management services (RTMS) and people finder services are to be made known to all.  GPRS, EDGE, Blackberry, MMS and such services effectively used by student community also need to be propagated.

        The 3G data services which have penetrated the market should be given wide publicity.  A through study of the market can be conducted and the mobile market of BSNL should be improved by innovative methods.  Rural coverage is to be taken care of.

        The Infra structure sharing is a way of increasing the revenue.  With proper policy design, huge revenue can be fetched for BSNL.

        The negative trend in the growth of landline is of serious concern of BSNL.  It is high time that all our mechanisms are geared up to arrest the landline closures.  The workforce of BSNL is to be motivated in this aspect.  It is to be emphasized tat broadband will be our bread winner in the forth coming era.  Wireless broadband with high download speed through WIMAX is to be popularized.

        In an age of stiff competition, where technology rules the earth, we, the telecom service providers from BSNL need to renew our vows and continue to be committed for providing better service to the people of our motherland.

We should be prepared to give what the customer wants from us and not what we have in store for him.  Our customer care centres are to be made as ‘one-stop solution to all Telecom Needs’ of the customers. Deep analysis of expectations of public are to be made through proper survey methods.

BSNL always stands for reliability and accountability.  Thanks to the devoted work force of the organization, BSNL can be made as most sought for and most trusted brand.

        A revenue oriented approach, analyzing our shortfalls is to be designed.  Our tariff plans need to be analyzed and reanalyzed.

        The dedications and hard work of the staff of this organization will enable BSNL
        “to scale greater heights” and
       “to touch new horizons”.
BSNL will continue to render its matchless service for the economic growth of this nation and one day BSNL will be
Best Spoken National Language of India.

JAI  BSNL,   ……….. JAI  HIND.

Friday, April 13, 2012

A Tribute to My Teacher.. Mrs. Joan, on her retirement ..

  I am usually introduced as Ms. Maria, SDE Phones, BSNL, Vellore. But I would like to be introduced as an Auxilian  and a student  of Mrs. Joan. I deem it a privilege to be before  you to share my thoughts on Mrs.Margaret Joan , our beloved ma’am.

 It gives me immense pleasure to tell that I am one among the first batch of students who passed out of the Portals of Auxilium in 1978 from Mrs.Joan. She had joined in 1975 , when we were in first year and was with us all three years.

During this wonderful period , she guided us, molded us and prepared us for our life and career in the esteemed institute of Auxilium.

Mrs.Joan , a name synonymous with dedication, sincerity, hard work, righteousness, care, concern and above all empathy. She commanded respect and love from one and all. She mixed up all the qualities in right proportion while imparting education and knowledge. Through her strenuous efforts mathematics presumed to be a tough subject to many,  was made interesting to all..

She is a pleasing personality with wonderful qualities. We used to admire her poised countenance. Her winning smile is still engraved in the hearts of many of her past people. She knows each one of us, our back ground and treated everyone without partiality. She can recollect the name of students with initials which is unimaginable.

As a teacher she used to conduct the classes in an excellent manner. Whenever she taught a mathematical derivation she would take great care not to miss even the minute steps. She used to repeat the formulae every time that they really got into our being. The algebraic and trigonometric formulae became a part of us that my children used to wonder how I remember them even after 30 years.

She is an excellent organizer, a science exhibition held in our period was a total hit. She worked very hard and achieved the best out of us with a tremendous output. One more event I can recall is the study tour arranged by her to the Astronomical observatory to Jamnamaruthur. She took lot of pain to see that we are safe and secure and made us enjoy the trip. Thanks for those lovely days ma’am.

She is very firm that we do consistently well in all our exams. Her only repetition will be  “not less than centum”. She drove us in the right pace that most of us got centum in our papers. The quality education imparted placed all my friends in good positions in government offices, banks, LIC  and colleges. We could reach greater heights through our efforts. We are not feathers on her cap but pearls on her crown.

As we look back though our memories fade, certain things leave a lasting impression on us. There is so much that can be said about this loving personality. She has been a source of inspiration to everybody. Her watchful eyes guided us along our path. The warmth and love she bestowed upon her students is matchless and flawless.

Whenever we enter the portals of Auxilium, she used to welcome us with open arms. We will miss the last link in the chain that binds us to Auxilium.

To us, Auxilium is not a LOCATION, but a PERSON with whom we lived, loved and cherished our memories.

To us, Mrs.Joan is not a mere teacher but we found in her a guiding star, a counseling mother and a wonderful friend.

Thanks a lot ma’am for all that you have done for us. We cannot repay anything that u have done for us but we strive to pass on what we received from u to the next generation, our children. On behalf of all your past pupils I convey our regards, love and gratitude. I pray the almighty to fill you with good health, good luck and all good things that life can offer.