Friday, April 13, 2012

A Tribute to My Teacher.. Mrs. Joan, on her retirement ..

  I am usually introduced as Ms. Maria, SDE Phones, BSNL, Vellore. But I would like to be introduced as an Auxilian  and a student  of Mrs. Joan. I deem it a privilege to be before  you to share my thoughts on Mrs.Margaret Joan , our beloved ma’am.

 It gives me immense pleasure to tell that I am one among the first batch of students who passed out of the Portals of Auxilium in 1978 from Mrs.Joan. She had joined in 1975 , when we were in first year and was with us all three years.

During this wonderful period , she guided us, molded us and prepared us for our life and career in the esteemed institute of Auxilium.

Mrs.Joan , a name synonymous with dedication, sincerity, hard work, righteousness, care, concern and above all empathy. She commanded respect and love from one and all. She mixed up all the qualities in right proportion while imparting education and knowledge. Through her strenuous efforts mathematics presumed to be a tough subject to many,  was made interesting to all..

She is a pleasing personality with wonderful qualities. We used to admire her poised countenance. Her winning smile is still engraved in the hearts of many of her past people. She knows each one of us, our back ground and treated everyone without partiality. She can recollect the name of students with initials which is unimaginable.

As a teacher she used to conduct the classes in an excellent manner. Whenever she taught a mathematical derivation she would take great care not to miss even the minute steps. She used to repeat the formulae every time that they really got into our being. The algebraic and trigonometric formulae became a part of us that my children used to wonder how I remember them even after 30 years.

She is an excellent organizer, a science exhibition held in our period was a total hit. She worked very hard and achieved the best out of us with a tremendous output. One more event I can recall is the study tour arranged by her to the Astronomical observatory to Jamnamaruthur. She took lot of pain to see that we are safe and secure and made us enjoy the trip. Thanks for those lovely days ma’am.

She is very firm that we do consistently well in all our exams. Her only repetition will be  “not less than centum”. She drove us in the right pace that most of us got centum in our papers. The quality education imparted placed all my friends in good positions in government offices, banks, LIC  and colleges. We could reach greater heights through our efforts. We are not feathers on her cap but pearls on her crown.

As we look back though our memories fade, certain things leave a lasting impression on us. There is so much that can be said about this loving personality. She has been a source of inspiration to everybody. Her watchful eyes guided us along our path. The warmth and love she bestowed upon her students is matchless and flawless.

Whenever we enter the portals of Auxilium, she used to welcome us with open arms. We will miss the last link in the chain that binds us to Auxilium.

To us, Auxilium is not a LOCATION, but a PERSON with whom we lived, loved and cherished our memories.

To us, Mrs.Joan is not a mere teacher but we found in her a guiding star, a counseling mother and a wonderful friend.

Thanks a lot ma’am for all that you have done for us. We cannot repay anything that u have done for us but we strive to pass on what we received from u to the next generation, our children. On behalf of all your past pupils I convey our regards, love and gratitude. I pray the almighty to fill you with good health, good luck and all good things that life can offer.